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ACC CoverPlus, can help pay your medical and rehabilitation costs. It can also pay you weekly compensation for lost income if your injury forces you to stop working.Weekly compensation is based on your previous year’s income, so if your income varies from year to year (or your on-paper earnings don’t reflect your actual income)you can take out ACC Cover Plus extra.This is an optional cover which lets you negotiate a fixed level of lost-earnings compensation.Find out more about ACC at


Not all of life’s challenges are restricted to injuries or accidents. 

ACC does not cover:

- Illness

- Injuries related mainly to ageing e.g.

- most heart (cardio-vascular) disease

- or brain (cerebro-vascular) disease,

- non-traumatic hernias (e.g. from coughing or sneezing, or not directly as a result of trauma)

- Injuries that develop gradually and are not due to a work task (non-occupational gradual process injuries).

Contact us to work with you to develop a plan that ensures you have the appropriate cover for your circumstances. 

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